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Where to eat in Sitges

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

"Where is the best place to eat paella, fish or simply a snack in Sitges?" We get this question very often after our classes or during our retreats. Many of our students ask us for places to enjoy a nice lunch/dinner or even a foodie experience in Sitges. Whether a tourist for just a couple of days to Sitges beautiful town, someone that recently moved to this amazing place or maybe already an expert about Sitges. This is your post to discover new places to enjoy alone or with friends after a beautiful Sunrise Yoga Emotion Class or during our Acroyoga, Surf and Yoga Retreat in Sitges.

If you are in Barcelona city already, check out our blog post for where to eat in Barcelona (click here).

We love yoga and acroyoga, but we are almost even more foodies. If you have been already on our retreats, you know that one of our favourite moments is sharing breakfast or any other meal together with our students. It is a ritual, not only to enjoy the different tastes but as well to share it with others so that we can connect on a different level... like in acroyoga :)

“Food is the ingredient that binds us together” John Walters

DISCLAIMER: We have no partnership with any of these places, we even don't know the owners. This is just a personal list, based on our experience living in Sitges, our willingness to try new places and food, and of course the recommendation of our students during their time in Sitges.

Before you start to check the recommendations about very different types of food to make your stay more pleasant and tastefully! In the link below, you will find a customized Google map with all the places described below. So you spend the less time possible finding these amazing restaurants from our YogaEmotion Retreat Home on the beach of Port d'Aiguadolç.

Freak note: by the way the name Aiguadolç, is translated from Catalan to English as "sweet water", since on this beach there is a mix of salty and sweet water. This last one drains through the whole natural park Garraf till the beach. At the last part of the beach, you could even see how the sweet and fresh water comes out of the rocks.

Near to Port d'Aiguadolç (YogaEmotion & Yogitos Retreat Home)

From a small snack to one of the best fish & paella restaurants in town. Good choices if you want to walk less than 5 minutes from our retreat home or from the beach where we have the classes and workshops.

  • Roser (Passeig de les Drassanes, 51): our food joker and favourite place to go in the mornings for a coffe and croisant. Probably the best option if you do not want to walk too much and have a snack. Even though they have almost everything on the menu, from small to bigger breakfast, even to daily midday menus with fish, paella... and as well some tapas for dinner. Highlight: right in front of the port, you can sit one meter away from the water and good prices. Link to their Instagram.

Roser views from their terrace, perfect place for a snack after one yoga class in Sitges
Roser views from their terrace, perfect place for a snack after one yoga class in Sitges

  • Can Laury (Av. del Port d'Aiguadolç, 49): is probably one of the best places in Sitges to eat seafood and fish. Right in front of the port, a really elegant place with a very good quality/price relation. They have as well good paellas, but remember a quote from a guy from Valencia: "Paella never for dinner!". If it is on weekends, summer season or on a bank holiday, book in advance. Highlight: any fish or seafood, really fresh everything. Link to their website.

  • La Caleta de Sitges (Av. Balmins, s/n): nice beach bar in front of our favorite beach in Sitges, Balmins. Tasty tapas and grilled fish and meat. As well as very near to our yoga retreat home. The best time to go is for dinner or during sunset, for a sundowner drink. Highlight: sunset dinner with views of the beach and ocean. Link to their website.

  • Carrefour Market (Carrer de la Devesa, S/N): yes, we know, it is not a restaurant. But it is a fast and convenient option if you do not want to have a proper/big meal or walk to the town of Sitges. It is a medium size supermarket, with lots of fresh fruits and veggies. They have as well some semi-prepared food, as well as a freshly made sushi bar, even though it might not be the best sushi you have ever tried. Highlight: fast, convenient, near the retreat home!

Sitges Old Town

The next bars and restaurants are located within the old town of Sitges. Most of them are reachable by foot from our YogaEmotion retreat home or the port. Alternative transportation would be Cabify or Taxi. Although the old town, depending on your pace and/or step size, is around 15-20 minutes walking distance.

  • Oakberry (Carrer de Sant Pere, 28): if you are looking for a healthy, tasty and delicious breakfast, snack, lunch… whatever your belly is demanding from you, the Oak Berry Açaí is the right place to go! Less than 20 minutes walking from our beach yoga classes you will find this Açaí Bar with different bowls and toppings to make your morning more delicious. Açaí is made from berries on a type of palm tree in the South American rainforest (mainly Brazil) and is rich in vitamins and other nutrients. Secret: if you do not want to go alone, just ask Zlata, she could eat açai at any time. Highlight: açaí XL bowl with condensed milk and fruits. Link to their Instagram.

  • El Cable (Carrer Barcelona, 1): is probably the oldest restaurant/bar in Sitges. If you are looking for a tapas experience, this is your place. If you are looking as well for a Spanish food experience, this place is a must! From the more traditional ones like "patatas bravas" or "croquetas", to more innovative ones. They already won several competitions to the best tapa in town. Highlight: "finding Nemo", a fresh tuna tapa, amaazing! Link to their website.

  • La Zorra de Sitges (Passeig Marítim, 1): probably Segio's favorite place in town. The cook became famous with his online cooking classes, cooking with the style "desenfadado" or better said casual food. They have a menu that includes a first dish, a paella to choose from the different variations and dessert. This guy is just rocking, the menu changes during the seasons and he is just reinventing the way of cooking paellas. Booking is a MUST! They are usually quite full! Highlight: just any of their paellas! Link to their website.

If you join one of our retreats, mos probably Sergio will "try" to cook the vegan paella of the Gypsy Chef!
If you join one of our retreats, most likely Sergio will "try" to cook the vegan paella of the Gypsy Chef!

  • La Masia (Passeig de Vilanova, 164): for a proper Catalan food experience, this restaurant is probably the best option! By foot takes a bit more than 30 minutes, but taxis are easy to catch there. Masia is the naming of the traditional houses in Cataluña. So here you will not only enjoy the Catalan cuisine but as well the way people used to live. Highlight: if you are between January and April with us, you may get some "calçots", a typical leek grilled directly over the fire and served with a tasty sauce "romesco". Link to their website.

Too Good To Go

Last but not least, this is an alternative way of consuming food and eating experience. We heard the first time about it from a french student in our acroyoga retreats, and decided to give it a try!

Maybe it is not the food experience you are looking for during your holidays. But with this last section of this post, we just wanted to set an example. An alternative way of consuming is possible, not just for material stuff, like clothes, etc. but as well for food. Many are the news and reports... showing how much food is wasted in developed countries. We love ideas and solutions like Too Good To Go since every step towards a more circular economy and sustainable world is worth performing!

If you want to know more, this is their website in Spain:

It works really easy, you just download the app, and it shows you a map around you of the restaurants, supermarkets and food shops... that is "saving" food by selling them at a lower price than normal.

If you try it, you may find good options in Sitges. For example, Veggie Garden sometimes has "surprise boxes" with tasty meals.

For sure in your home country, if not this app, there are other possibilities to leave a better world!


We wish you the best experience in Sitges, including the foodie one! And if you found special places or have other recommendations, don't hesitate to comment below! And who knows, we may see us in one of these delicious restaurants :)

Enjoy your time in Sitges!

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