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Where to eat in Barcelona

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

"Where is the best place to eat paella in Barcelona?" We get this question very often after our classes. Many of our students ask us for places to enjoy the best food and a foodie experience in Barcelona. Whether a tourist for just a couple of days in the city, someone that recently moved to this amazing place or maybe already a "barcelonés" citizen. This is your post to discover new places to enjoy alone or with friends after a beautiful Sunrise Yoga Emotion Class or our Beach Acroyoga in Barceloneta.

We are enthusiastic yogis, but we are almost even more foodies. We love to eat good quality food and even more have a nice experience during it! For us mealtime is a ritual where we try to use all our senses: from the delicious tastes, to the incredible smells and the coloring of the dishes. We have no partnership with any of these places, we even don't know the owners. This is just a personal list, based on our 3 years experience living in Barcelona and our willingness to try new places and food.

“Good food is the basis of true happiness” Auguste Escoffier

But before we start with some recommendations about very different types of food to make your stay more pleasant and tastefully! In the link below, you will find a customized Google map with all the places described below. So you spend the less time possible finding this amazing restaurants from our Yoga Emotion classes on the beach.

Near to Barceloneta Beach (YogaEmotion classes)

Here you will find from typical Spanish tapas to healthy breakfast or different lunch choices. These places are less than 10 minutes walking from Platjà San Sebastià, exactly where do all our Yoga classes on the beach.

  • Oakberry (Carrer del Baluard 52): if you are looking for a healthy, tasty and delicious breakfast, snack, lunch… whatever your belly is demanding from you, the Oak Berry Açaí is the right place to go! Less than 10 minutes walking form our beach yoga classes you will find this Açaí Bar with different bowls and toppings to make your morning more delicious. Açaí is made from berries on a type of palm trees on the South American rainforest (mainly Brazil) and are rich on vitamins and other nutrients. Highlight: açaí XL bowl with condensed milk and fruits. @oakberryes

  • Brunch&Cake (Passeig de Joan Borbó 5): amazing for breakfast and brunch (at 11am would be a huge line in front of it, so try to go earlier, no reservations accepted). This is the perfect place after a Sunrise Yoga class, to sit in their terrace and enjoy the time after the class. They have other restaurants around Barcelona city centre. Veggie options. Highlight: eggs benedict and paleo coffee.

  • La Bombeta (Carrer de la Maquinista 3): typical Spanish tapas bar. The most famous tapa and originally from the neighbourhood Barceloneta are the "bombas", ¡yes, like bombs. These are usually served in portions of two potatoes and meatballs with an aioli and red sauce. Other tapas are good as well, like the "pà amb tumaca" tomatoes with bread and mussels with red sauce "mejillones a la marinera". Highlight: bombas!

  • Bar Electricitat (Carrer de Sant Carles 15): authentic bar in Barceloneta, there you will find the typical ambient of a Spanish tapas bar. If you are lucky enough, you will even have a small "rumba" show. The Vermouth is served in bottles for a very good relation quality/price. The highlight is the typical "Russian" salad but made with crab sticks. Highlight: ensaladilla de cangrejo!

  • Zumito Barcelona (Passeig de Joan Borbó 74): the nearest place to the Yoga Emotion classes and a wonderful option for healthy food. Nice place to enjoy a coffee and fresh and summery juices. Highlight: any of their juices! Instagram: @zumitobarcelona

  • Barraca (Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 1): if you are looking for paella with views to the Mediterranean Sea, this is your place. This is probably a fancier place than the previous restaurants, but worth it if you want to try the real paella. Highlight: seafood paella or fideuà (a kind of paella with pasta)!

  • La Roseta (Carrer de Meer, 37): small and cosy coffee place next to the beach and one of the tastier and cheaper coffee on this area. They have as well a lot of good bakery stuff. Highlight: grab an americano and an avocado toast and go to the beach. Instagram: @larosetabarcelona

  • La Cala Barceloneta (Carrer de l'Escar, 18): from the same owners and concept from La Roseta, but this one have a bit more different food, like açai, and a nice terrace. Highlight: açai bowl and "café con hielo"!

Barcelona City Center

The next bars and restaurants are located within the city centre of Barcelona. In parenthesis you will find the neighbourhood. Most of them are reachable by foot from the Yoga Emotion Beach classes or with public transportation, preferably with bus.

  • Morning Glory (Carrer de la Riereta, 15, Raval): exquisite brunch place in the raval. The atmosphere inside and the friendly staff will make you feel like at home and it will be difficult or you to leave the place. Highlight: cold pressed juices and extremely good coffee.

  • Carrer de Blai = "Montaditos Street" (Carrer de Blai, Poble Sec): probably you have seen already the montaditos in any of the bars around the city. Montaditos = usually a piece of bread with some protein or vegetables on the top. These paces work like a self-service, all the montaditos are on the bar and you pick as many as you want, at the end remember to keep the pick with every montadito, because the waiter will calculate your bill according to how many you have of them. Highlight: the street is full of bars like this, go for the one with more people, then the montaditos are rotate more times.

  • A Tu Bola (Carrer de l’Hospital 78, Raval): ranked in Tripadvisor for a long time in the top 50 restaurants in Barcelona. This small restaurant located in the middle of the Raval district is focused on "balls". The cook style is a mix of lot of cuisines, from veggie to meat and fish balls always with super tasty sides. Highlight: quinoa balls and the cauliflower starter.

  • Pachuco (Carrer de Sant Pau 110, Raval): the best Mexican in the city, really we tried almost all Mexican restaurants in Barcelona and this is the best and real one. You know that when the nachos aren't like Doritos! This place gets really busy during meal times, but they have all day long open cuisine. Recommendation go there before Spanish lunch / 13 pm and dinner time / 20pm. Highlight: nachos Pachuco!

  • Manna Gelats (Carrer dels Banys Nous 22, Gòtic): the very best ice-cream in Barcelona, if we had to choose one place form all these list. This would be it! Handmade ice cream, ingredients bought directly from the Boqueria market. Highlight: pistachio and dulce de leche! Instagram: @mannagelats

  • Pim Pam Burger (Carrer del Sabateret 4, Born): tasty and very fresh ingredients for good size burgers. In the same corner they have Pim Pam Plats, with lots of prepared dishes from typical Spanish to lasagne, couscous... to take away or to eat in here. Highlight: bbq burger!

  • Bar Celta Pulperia (Carrer de la Princesa 50, Born): one of the best options in the city centre to eat real tapas and don't spend lot of money. They have the real taste from Galicia and Cataluña all in one place. Highlight: huge tortilla de patata!

  • Cervesería Catalana (Carrer de Mallorca 236, Eixample): fancier than the Bar Celta Pulpería but with more elaborated tapas. This is one of the crowded places in all the city. Just go in advance, book a table and go for a walk or small tapa around the corner until it is your time. If it is packed, there are nearby to this one similar restaurants, google for: Ciudad Condal / La Flauta / La Flauta II / Vinitus / Vinitus Germà Petit. Highlight: codfish with honey and aioli!

  • CocoVail Beer Hall Barcelona (Carrer d'Aragó 284, Eixample): best chicken wings in town, if you missed or need the American atmosphere this is your place! You will feel like in the States: TVs with American football, lots of table games, etc. Highlight: lemon pepper chicken wings!

  • Bormuth (Plaça Comercial 1, Born): if you are looking for a nice tapas bar, this is your choice! It isn't the forty years old Spanish bar, it is a modern restaurant with modernised tapas, really tasty and keeping the original ingredients. They also have a terrace in one of the biggest squares in Born. Highlight: aubergines with honey!

The Paella Club

If you have the time and like to cook, don't miss the opportunity to try and prepare the best paella in Barcelona!

Alex, born from Spanish parents, has an incredible experience in first class restaurants around the world, including Noma in Copenhagen. The experience takes places in "The Paella Club" in the neighbourhood of Raval (Carrer del Dr. Dou 5). You will learn to master the fine art of cooking the perfect paella, following his "10 secret paella steps". Using only the freshest ingredients, while enjoying wine, tapas and a delicious meal together.

Don't miss the opportunity! You will find more information in this link:

Or you can directly contact them through their website:


We wish you the best experience in Barcelona, including the foodie one! And if you found special places or have other recommendations, don't hesitate to comment below! And who knows, we may see us in one of this delicious restaurants :)

Enjoy your time in Barcelona!

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