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Sunrise vs. Sunset in Barcelona

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

We changed our lifestyle some months ago and one of the first things that we automatically added to our habits was the contemplation of this incredible moments of the day. Even more incredible were they if we we had the opportunity to share them with someone and doing something that we love. For us there are no excuses to wake up before the sun and enjoy a Sunrise Yoga Emotion Class and/or a Beach Acroyoga class in Barceloneta.

From practising some sports to just sit down and enjoy the sun saying "see you tomorrow" . Get your camera, your partner, friends, even alone... whatever you wish and enjoy the magic of the sunrise and sunset in this beautiful city of Barcelona!

“If you are in a beautiful place where you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset, then you are living like a lord.” Nathan Phillips

As always with our insiders posts, in the link below you will find a customized Google map with all the places described.


If we would have to choose between one of these two moments, we would probably opt for saying "good morning" to the sun. Why? we promise you that the only burden will be the first five minutes after waking up, but that later on you will assist in the first line to one of the most beautiful wonders of the nature. Even more your day will change completely, when you wake up before the sun and have the time to gaze to it, your body and mind work on another level and stay like this all day long. And to add more in, you will have almost an entire city and huge beach for yourself!

Where is the best place to enjoy it? Of course we could not choose another better place than: a Yoga Emotion Sunrise class!

There are no words to describe the feeling of being in contact with your body and mind for one hour and having just in front of you the sun rising exactly over the sea. If you lucky enough, you will even assist to what we call a "perfect sunrise", some days in Barcelona there are no clouds at all and the sun wakes up exactly one millimeter above the sea level. Pure magic moment!

Don't miss the opportunity to have a unique experience with an amazing background!

Remember as the city is oriented to the sea from the east, the sunrises are above the sea and are even more incredible than the sunsets. Below you will find our top 5 lists to see the sunset in Barcelona, but the 3rd, 4th and 5th places are a good choice as well for sunrises.


Sunsets are always a good opportunity for lot of things! Following locations were selected in order to give you the opportunity to enjoy the nature phenomena in different ways. Pick your favorite one and enjoy it! Or just keep going every day to a different one. There is always one a opportunity a day to enjoy it, so make the most out of it!

  • Barceló Raval (Rambla del Raval 17-21, Raval): hotel located in the main street of the neighborhood Raval. The 11th floor of this modern building has an incredible 360ª rooftop terrace. It would be perfect for sunrise as well, but the terrace opens at midday until late night. So it is a perfect place for a sunset or even during the day to have a panoramic view from a middle point in Barcelona city. The terrace is open too for non-hotel guest: just pass the hotel reception, press the 11th floor on the lift and enjoy! Best option for: 360º view from the city center, swimming pool and a bar.

  • History Museum of Catalonia (Plaça de Pau Vila 3, Barceloneta): on the rooftop of this museum is located a Spanish restaurant with an amazing terrace with views over the port and the old city. Prices on the restaurants' terrace are a bit overpriced, but the rooftop recently was divided into two areas, one of them free of charge and lots of space to take nice pictures. Best option for: romantic sunset, the sun goes down just below the old city.

  • Bunkers del Carmel (Carrer de Marià Labèrnia s/n, El Carmel): old Spanish civil war bunkers on a hill located 266 meters above sea level. If you go early enough you can even visit the MUHBA Turó de la Rovira, a museum dedicated to this monument. In the last years has become the trendy spot for enjoying the sunset, so be prepared to be surrounded of other sunset catchers. Best option for: having a semi-party sunrise atmosphere.

  • Port Olímpic (Escullera de Poblenou, Port Olímpic): this port was constructed for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games and is nowadays one of the most important breezy seashore of the city with lots of restaurants, clubs, etc. But between all this attractions if you walk around all the breakwater until you find a statue of the olympic games, you will find almost the only spot in Barcelona where you can see the sunset going down behind the beach and the city.  Best option for: quiet and sea sunset.

  • Mirador d'Horta (Carretera Horta a Cerdanyola pk 10 5, Vall d'Hebrón): just on the foot of the mountain Collserola (the same where Tibidabo is located, which is as well a good location for gazing to the sunset) you will find a viewpoint of all Barcelona. This place includes as well a swing to take pictures flying with an amazing background. It is as well good to combine it with a hike in the Carretera de les Aigües (a pathway through all the foot of the Collserola mountain) and then enjoy the views over the city. Best option for: a full view of all the city and at the same time play with a swing.

  • W Hotel (Plaça Rosa del Vents 1, Barcelonetata): in the 26th floor of the W Hotel there is a bar/club with views like you were in a boat in front of the city. Admission is for everyone, you don't need to be a guest in the hotel, just pass the reception and go to the lifts. But you will have to be minimum well dressed, before taking the elevator they will check if your clothes fit for their style. You don't need nothing extremely fancy, but avoid flip flops, shorts... Best option for: having a fancy cocktail/drink while enjoying the sun going down the mountains.

Finally, depending of the day of the year and like every place in the world, the time for sunrise and sunset will vary. Following link you will find when to catch the sun, besides more details related to this two phenomena:


Which is your favorite viewpoint in Barcelona? Share your comments down below of your favorite spot and we wish you the best possible experience in this amazing city!

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