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Throne (AcroYoga Biblio)

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

A really good pose to practice after the Front Bird (see post) and a good way to combine it with many other poses creating nice flows! Just be creative :)

Throne AcroYoga Biblio
Throne AcroYoga Biblio

❌ Don't forget your arms! Remember, more points of contact = better stability. In Throne, you need the arms in line and shift most of your weight into them! ❌ Communication is key! Squeeze the hand side that you want to release or shift weight. Sometimes words are confusing or less informative than a touch, where is right/left when you are upside down? Shortcut: flyer in a sumo squat pose and base feet on the "thought" (thigh/butt) of the flyer! Push strong in the arms and lift! Afterwards, you probably need to adjust the feet' position of the base. 🔚 Exit 1: Throne -> standing. Base grab the flyer's ankles,  bend knees towards the chest and release the ankles once the flyer is touching the floor. 🔚 Exit 2: Throne -> Front Bird. Base bend knees, flyer place feet on base's shin. Connect the hands slowly. Base release one leg at a time looking for Front Bird position.

Difficulty level (1 very low to 5 very high): 1

Check as well our AcroYoga and Yoga retreats and classes in Cascais (Portugal) to start your way into AcroYoga or deepen your practice! No partner or knowledge required.

Remember to practise always with safety and if possible with a spotter and/or teacher! And of course: keep practising and enjoying!

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