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AcroYoga & Yoga Beach Retreats in Sitges, Barcelona / Spain (2022)

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

The season has started! And we have a new fantastic location! Since we started with YogaEmotion & Yogitos our dream has been always to share what we love with others: yoga, acroyoga and the beach! And in Sitges for the summer 2022 we are ready: classes, workshops and of course our retreats where we can spend some days together learning, enjoying, relaxing, etc. We had already some succesfull retreats in this year, do you want to know more?

YogaEmotion & Yogitos: your Beach Yoga & AcroYoga Experience & Retreats in Sitges, Barcelona & Spain

In YogaEmotion & Yogitos we love what we do, therefore they give every student a piece of their hearts! We love small and semi-private retreats so that everyone can get to know each other in a real way! Therefore, expect some connection, touching words, friendship, meditations, mind-blowing hike, etc. Let's go through the main important points.

  • Students: but let's start first with our new students and super acroyogis. All of them, yes, all of them did amazing and achieve in just 5 days more than 25 poses. And this time almost everyone decided to try base and flyer roles for the entire acroyoga retreat: amazing! Again we had: couples, old friends meeting back again, solo travellers meeting new friends... and most of them without prior knowledge of acroyoga.

Congratulations to: Linda, Cabrina, Helen, Chris, Dianna, Gaelle, Ashish, Sneha, Marion, Sabrina and Yasmin.

  • Location: again we have an amazing location just in front of the Mediterranean Sea. We are now located in Sitges: a coastal resort, with lots of vegan and vegetarian place, gay friendly and with excellent weather conditions. And all this just 30 minutes away from Barcelona and the airport.

  • The Beach Yoga & Acroyoga Home: as important as the location is as well the house where we spend time together. This time we have space for 4 students in two bedrooms: one with a king size bed, ideal for couples and a twin bedroom for old or new friends. That way we can offer you as well an almost private retreat, i.e. you will have 1:2 teacher per students. But let's go to the most important: the home is located just 300 meters from Aiguadolç Beach, 500 meters from cafes/restaurants, 10 min. walking distance form the oldtown and train station.

  • Swimming pool and garden: we could not forget that this time we have as well a swimming pool and big garden area, a perfect spot to relax, have a swim or take a sun bath.

  • Food: yeah, we could not forget as well our delicious and vegetarian friendly food. This season we came up with new recipes as the: energetic colourful bowl, veggie pasta /paella or our sunny eggs and fries for dessert... yes, for "dessert"! And of course we have back again our peanut butter mix!

What our students think about us? Well, let them better express what they felt, in that case is Cabrina review in Google:

Do you want to know more about what our students think about our Yoga & AcroYoga workshops & retreats? Click the following link to know from one of our students how they experienced the class!

We are here waiting to meet you (maybe again) and just have some nice and fun days together in Sitges!


If you want to check our next retreats this summer in Sitges, do not miss the following link:

See you on the mat of Sitges beach for some flights!

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