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AcroYoga & Yoga Beach Barcelona (English)

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

YogaEmotion & Yogitos were born with the dream of sharing the yoga and acroyoga practices on Barcelona beach and Spain. Either in regular classes, workshops, events... (English and Spanish) and other different type of experiences: Sunrise Beach Yoga, Beach Yoga, Yogitos AcroYoga Level I... The main goal is to create a community of students sharing the same passion: yoga, acroyoga and outdoor activities!

YogaEmotion & Yogitos: your Beach Yoga Experience in Barcelona & Spain

Either you are a tourist with need of some strechings after some flights or big walking tours through the city, or a Barcelona resident looking for a community of people willing to have fun and enjoy the amazing outdoors nature as Barceloneta is. YogaEmotion and Yogitos are the right choices for it.

YogaEmotion and Yogitos was founded with the passion of body and mind transformation. Our biggest wish is to make our students a bit stronger and more flexible, and even more important a bit happier. For us seeing them leaving the mat a bit exhausted and challenged but with a smile and big goodbye hug. Because happiness is only real when shared!

Besides that, our mission was to bring yoga and acroyoga outside of the studios and merge the practice with the beautiful nature of Barcelona beaches.Taking this into account, we created 3 different types of classes & worksops:

  • Sunrise Beach Yoga: 60 minutes vinyasa yoga class right at the moment when the sun is rising over the Mediterranean Ocean. Barcelona beaches are located in a way that the sun is coming just above the sea. Depending on the time of the year this classes takes places between 7.00 am and 8.30 am. Yes, it is early! But it is 100% worth it and you will feel completelly energized to start your day.

  • Beach Yoga: 90 minutes class including an hour of vinyasa yoga class and some time after and before the class to create the community and/or meet other people around the world. This classes take palces as well on the beach of Barcelona and are from 8:30 am until 8.00 pm depending on the schedule.

  • Yogitos AcroYoga Level I: a workshop style more than a class, the duration is 90 minutes focused on different aspects: yoga vinyasa flow warm up, partner games, Yogitos Level I sequence and thai massage. A challenging class but suited for firstimers as well for intermediated students. The workshops are based on the methodlogy of Acrovinyasa.

Do you want to know more about our Classes & AcroYoga workshops? Click the following link to know from one of our students how they experienced the class! Besides that they have also a really cool travel & couple blog!


For all actual classes, workshops and events you can check our schedule in the following link:

See you on the mat of Barceloneta beach!

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