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Where to eat around Lisbon (Cascais, Estoril, Costa da Caparica...)

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

"Where is the best place to eat pastéis de nata? Where can we find the best-grilled fish in Cascais?" We get this question very often in our retreats, after our classes on Cascais beach, etc. Portugal and concretely Lisbon are amazing places to enjoy the best food and a foodie experience in totally recommended. Whether a tourist for just a couple of days in the area of Lisbon and Cascais, someone that recently moved to this amazing place or maybe already a Portuguese citizen. This is your post to discover new places to enjoy alone or with friends after a beautiful Sunrise Yoga Emotion Class or our Beach Acroyoga in Cascais.

We love food! It is one of the reasons why we love to host retreats, not only for the yoga part but as well for the culinary. We are enthusiastic yogis, but we are almost even more foodies. In order to deliver real tasty and healthy food during our retreats, we had o try a lot of places and different cuisines. Mealtime is a ritual where we try to use all our senses and even better if we can share this experience with someone we know or maybe a completely stranges, that after the meal can be turned into a new friend.

We have no partnership with any of these places, we even don't know the owners. This is just a personal list, based on our own experience living in Portugal, the several advice of friends and our willingness to try new places and food.

Some of the restaurants below may include vegetarian/vegan options, but for exclusively veggie places look for our post: where to eat veggie in Lisbon & Cascais.

If you prefer to go for the veggie option, you can check our post "veggies in Lisbon & Cascais".

“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone's house and eat with him - the people who give you their food give you their heart” Cesar Chavez

But before we start with some recommendations about very different types of food to make your stay more pleasant and tastefully! In the link below, you will find a customized Google map with all the places described below. So you spend the less time possible finding these amazing restaurants from our Yoga Emotion retreat in Cascais or our yoga beach classes and workshops around Lisboa.

Food Markets (Cascais)

Before we start with specific restaurants, if you are unsure what to choose for lunch or you are with a couple of friends that everyone wants different food, the next places will serve you as a good spot to choose within a large variety. Besides the food, these places are worth to visit as well.

  • Mercado da Vila (Rua Padre Moisés da Silva 29, Cascais): the traditional food market in Cascais, near the city centre you will find not only "lojas" to buy vegetables, fruits... but as well a huge variety of fish. If you are not into cooking, there are some restaurants as well inside the market! Highlight: buy some fresh Atlantic fish and cook it your own way!

  • Casa da Guia (Avenida Nossa Senhora 101, Cascais): the alternative of the food court markets from Lisboa you will find it here. Again not only the food is really good here but as well the location is impressive. Located just above a cliff over the Atlantic ocean, this complex full of bars, restaurants, shops.. is worth to visit for all senses! Highlight: pick any of the terraces looking right to the sundown.


Most of the places here listed are very near to our studio, the beach where we have the outdoor classes and our retreat centre and can be reached on foot and can be reached on foot.

  • Apeadeiro (Avenida Vasco da Gama 252, Cascais): best fish restaurant for price/quality relation. Traditional fish restaurant in the old town of Cascais. Really near to our studio and retreat centre, so it is a place that we love to go for a really good lunch and where we bring most of our family and friends visits. Highlight: tuna tataki.

  • Mayura Tandoori (Rua Freitas Reis 15-B, Cascais): if you have enough of Portuguese food and fish, here you can have one of the best Indian food that we have tried near Cascais and even Lisbon. Highlight: a classic, tikka masala with cheese naan.

  • Roulote Hot Dog (Avenida Rei Humberto II de Itália, Cascais): near of the "Boca do Inferno", a natural attraction worth to visit. This van offers simply 5 types of hot dogs (including veggie and vegetarian options), and really tasty. Try to go on a sunny day, since they have some benches in front of the van and you can see the sun saying goodbye just over the sea, from this part of Cascais. Highlight: chilli hot dog!

  • Santini Hot Dog (Alameda Combatentes da Grande Guerra 100, 2750-326 Cascais): if you are into ice cream, this is your place. Traditional Italian ice cream, really delicious. They have two locations in Cascais very near one of each other and other locations around Lisbon. Highlight: brigadeiro.


  • Bolina (Rua Olivenca 151, Estoril): the terrace is located just in front of the sea, exactly on the promenade which is a great opportunity to go for a walk after or before a very tasty meal. Recommended for lunch and dinner, they have really good grilled fish specialities and for a good price. Highlight: enjoy a nice drink with the dry cheese couvert while you smell how they cook your grilled fish!

Costa da Caparica

If you decide to cross to the other side of Lisbon over the river Tejo, don't miss the opportunity to go to one of the most breathtaking beaches near Lisbon.

  • ONA (Praia do CDS, Apoio da Praia 11): located in a surf and other activities complex, the restaurant ONA offers incredible high-quality food. The restaurant is located in front of the sea and has a really beautiful decoration. Highlight: after taking a surf class to enjoy a coffee or other kind of drinks depending on the hour!

  • Praia do Rei (Estrada da Praia do Rei): fish restaurant in the middle of nowhere and just in front of the beach. They offer inside and terrace tables all with sea views. Really fresh and good quality/price grilled fish. Highlight: go for the recommendation of the day or for a grilled golden fish!


We wish you the best experience in Portugal, including the foodie one! And if you found special places or have other recommendations, don't hesitate to comment below! And who knows, we may see us in one of these delicious restaurants :)

Enjoy your time around the Lisbon area and Cascais!

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