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How to move around Cascais & Lisbon

Whether you are for a yoga and acroyoga class or you stay with us longer for some days in one of our retreats, probably you are asking yourself how to get to Cascais (where our yoga retreat and most of our classes and workshops are located) and maybe as well how to go to Lisbon and around for some touristic places.

Following hast four sections:

  • Airport - Lisbon

  • Airport - Cascais

  • Lisbon - Cascais

  • Cascais

Lisbon Airport to/from Lisbon city centre

If you are arriving in Portugal through the airport in Lisbon, we ordered the following means of transport according to the easiest way to reach your destination:

  • Aerobus (cheaper if you buy it online, one way around 3-4 euros both ways no more than 7 euros, independently from your stop): every day from 8.00 to 21.00, the bus leaves from the airport until Cais do Sodré (through Avenida Liberdade, Restauradores, Rosso, Praça Comercio...).

  • Metro (cheapest way to get to the city centre, no more than 1,50 € per fare, you will need to get a Viva Viagem card to recharge it with the fares): starting from the airport take the red line until Alameda and then change to the green line that goes until the city centre, depending on your stop you have different stations to go out: Cais do Sodré, Baixa-Chiado, Rossio...

  • Regular buses (similar price like the Metro, with Viva Viagem card you will save some cents): these option is slower than the metro since they have several stops and the traffic in Lisbon depending on the hour can be heavy. If you are going to the city centre take buses: 208, 705, 708, 722, 731, 744, 750 and 783. For Parque de Naçoes take the: 400, 708 and 728. FInally for Belem: 201, 714, 727, 728, 729 and 751. The timetable usually is from 6 am to 9 pm.

  • Taxis / ride-hailing (around 20 euros for taxis and bit less for ride-hailing companies): taxi station you will find when you come out of the arrivals gate of terminal 1, for ride-hailing companies you will need to go to the kiss&fly parking on the departures gate of terminal 1. Main ride-hailing companies in Lisbon are: Uber, Free Now and Bolt.

Lisbon Airport to/from Cascais

If you are arriving in Portugal through the airport in Lisbon and want to go directly yo Cascais, these are your options:

  • Public transport: take one of the public transportations to Cais do Sodré (Aerobus, metro or regular bus from the previous point) and from there the train to Cascais train station. The Cascais-Cais do Sodré line is the only one operating in both stations and these are the start and final destinations of the line, so it is pretty easy to move with this train. It takes around 35 minutes and a cost of less than 2,50 euros one way, both ways 4,50. For the train you can use the same Viva Viagem card, to charge it with fares.

  • Taxis / ride-hailing (around 30-40 euros for ride-hailing companies, between 60-70 euros for taxis): more details about taxis and ride-hailing companies, see the previous point.

Lisbon to/from Cascais

Once you are in Lisbon or Cascais the best way to move between these two cities in only one, since it is the cheapest, fastest and more convenient way:

  • Train: the Cascais-Cais do Sodré line, more descriptions in the previous point. In this train line you can choose as well other train stations: Estoril, Carcavelos...


Cascais old town is not very big and many places are reachable by foot. But maybe you want to move to the beautiful beaches of Guincho or take a ride to Sintra. Then Mobi Cascais is your best choice, the municipality of Cascais offers a full package of mobility options: rom cars to bikes and e-scooters and ranging from daily to monthly passes. They have different offices throughout the city where you can purchase your plan and here you can find all the details:


If you still have doubts or you require a different way of transport, do not hesitate to ask us directly or in the comments than down below. We wish you the best experience in this beautiful country of Portugal and hope to fly together in our retreats and yoga / acroyoga classes :)

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