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Shin to Foot S2F & variations (AcroYoga Biblio)

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Level I poses but already a good challenge for the confidence of the flyer on the base. The right grip of the feet into the shin of the flyer need to be met, that way will be much easier for the flyer to stand tall and do the different variations. Again important that base squeezes the legs to the middle.

In this case, we have for you three different variations:

  • S2F Camel

  • S2F Altar Eagle

  • S2F Child

S2F Camel AcroYoga Biblio
S2F Camel AcroYoga Biblio

S2F Altar Eagle AcroYoga Biblio
S2F Altar Eagle AcroYoga Biblio

S2F Child AcroYoga Biblio
S2F Child AcroYoga Biblio

Difficulty level (1 very low to 5 very high): 2

Check our YouTube channel for a "how to" video for S2F Child and other video materials:

S2F Child YogaEmotion & Yogitos YouTube

Check as well our AcroYoga and Yoga retreats and classes in Cascais (Portugal) to start your way into AcroYoga or deepen your practice! No partner or knowledge required.

Remember to practise always with safety and if possible with a spotter and/or teacher! And of course: keep practising and enjoying!

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