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Low / High F2H (AcroYoga Biblio)

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

An amazing pose to practice and accomplished! It looks just amazing and it is a proof of already an intermediate practice. This pose can be great training for the RH2H and H2H, mainly because the base will learn to play with the weight of the base and start creating the intelligence in the arms muscles for further poses. Flyer needs to commit and trust to go into the pose, staying engaged and strong. Many different ways to come in and out, for beginners in this pose, the best way would be if the flyer uses base's legs to support most of the weight and then slowly coming into the pose.

In this case, we have this variation (more coming soon):

  • High F2H Mountain

  • High F2H Mountain L-shape

High F2H AcroYoga Biblio
High F2H AcroYoga Biblio
High F2H Mountain L-shape AcroYoga Biblio
High F2H Mountain L-shape AcroYoga Biblio

Difficulty level (1 very low to 5 very high): 3

Check as well our AcroYoga and Yoga retreats and classes in Cascais (Portugal) to start your way into AcroYoga or deepen your practice! No partner or knowledge required.

Remember to practise always with safety and if possible with a spotter and/or teacher! And of course: keep practising and enjoying!

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