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Supported Shoulderstand

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Base pose

Flyer pose



About the Pose

A bit of a challenge for the base's arms and a very good pose for transitions and flowing! Try the different leg variations to feel different ways of the pose.

❌✅ Base stays with your arms at 90 degrees to the floor, which means: wrist, elbow, and shoulder in one perfect line. The more you shift to your head or the opposite, the more strength you will need and more balance skills.

❌ ✅ Flyer grip with your fingers behind the bases’ legs, that way you will be able to counterbalance with the weight of your whole body.

❌ ✅ It is challenging, but flyer try to keep your body in one line! The base should be almost able to see the point of your feet behind your back. Avoid banana shapes, etc. Base push your legs in the opposite direction of your body, till the flyer has straight arms.

Entry option 1: from Supported Crow (click here), the flyer starts lifting one leg straight up, and at the same time changes grip. Once one leg is placed, it is time for the other one, do not rush! The base stays stable with the arms as in Crow. A nice exit is direct to Folded Leaf, base brings the flyer’s hips to its feet.

Entry option 2: from Front Plank (click here), the flyer bends over and the base places already the hands-on flyer’s shoulders. Slowly base brings the body of the flyer in line with his arms. Another easy exit is flyer picking down, base bending slowly arms and legs till flyer is touching the floor with her feet.

About the Courses

AcroYoga is an amazing way of combining sports (strength, flexibility, balance, mobility) with fun and networking with others, maybe partners, best friends or even a new one!

If something is awake within you as you show pics and videos of AcroYoga, do not be afraid and just try! We have plenty of materials on our website, Youtube and as well Instagram.

Feel free to reach us via email or just direct message on Instagram, we are more than happy to answer your doubts and give you some recommendations to start or continue your journey into AcroYoga and Yoga:

Instagram: @yogitos.zs

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