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Supported Crow

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Base pose

Flyer pose



About the Pose

This is one of these poses which is easier to do in Acroyoga than in Yoga. Still can be challenging enough!

❌Base grip is a line a C or Cup (all fingers together, do not forget your thumb), go over all shoulders of your flyer Most of the weight should be in the base’s lower hand palm, finders are used just to calibrate.

❌Flyer grip is exactly below the base’s knee, and this time with C-grip taking the thumb to the other side of the leg.

📼Entry: three ways to come into the pose! The first and easiest one, shortcut directly from the floor, use the base’s feet to step into the pose. Secondly, with more control jump from the floor to go enter directly into the pose. Thirdly, from Super Yogi (click here), the base fist changes the grip from the flyer's hands to the shoulders and then the flyer goes step by step.

NOTE: we use the word "Supported" whenever a pose has a variation where the base or flyer is using the arms for more stability. That means there is a  more difficult variation with fewer points of contact.

About the Courses

AcroYoga is an amazing way of combining sports (strength, flexibility, balance, mobility) with fun and networking with others, maybe partners, best friends or even a new one!

If something is awake within you as you show pics and videos of AcroYoga, do not be afraid and just try! We have plenty of materials on our website, Youtube and as well Instagram.

Feel free to reach us via email or just direct message on Instagram, we are more than happy to answer your doubts and give you some recommendations to start or continue your journey into AcroYoga and Yoga:

Instagram: @yogitos.zs

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