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Your first flight (video tutorial) with Yogitos

Always wanted to try AcroYoga but did not try because maybe you were too scared to try without a background in yoga or acrobatics? Well, guess what! You are not alone! Everyone with some level started in the same position where you are now. We created this video to motivated more people to start their journey in the world of acroyoga. We love to transmit this practice in our retreats and workshops of acroyoga in Cascais (Portugal) and around the world. If we make at least one person fly because of this video we will have already succeeded!

This video is setting the fundamental techniques, for flying and basing, which will help you to get to the first step of your acroyoga journey.

In further posts we will continue with acroyoga tutorials for beginners with new poses! Please your comments and feedback down below or even your first acroyoga flights in your social media by tagging us! Enjoy and safe flight!

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