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Updog (AcroYoga Biblio)

One of the first poses to be learnt since the transition from Front Bird (see post) is quite easy, just need to have almost all weight of the flyer in the hands. One leg after the other moving towards different positions, the further away from the flyer's body the more difficult would be. In this case, we have for you two versions, the first one with the bases' feet on the flyer's base (your abs will cry!) and in the second case, easier pose with the bases' feet just above the knees of the flyer. Remember: never put pressure on the joints! From these two poses, you can move through all the flyer's body and make it an intensive and fun work out and/or warm-up!

Updog AcroYoga Biblio
Updog AcroYoga Biblio
Updog AcroYoga Biblio easier version
Updog AcroYoga Biblio easier version

Difficulty level (1 very low to 5 very high): 1

Check as well our AcroYoga and Yoga retreats and classes in Cascais (Portugal) to start your way into AcroYoga or deepen your practice! No partner or knowledge required.

Remember to practise always with safety and if possible with a spotter and/or teacher! And of course: keep practising and enjoying!

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