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Sports & Business: The Perfect Teambuilding Experience!

With the raise of home office, and remote working, for team members around the globe... face-to-face team building has become even more important! A sunrise beach yoga class or an acroyoga workshop for beginners could be the perfect experience to better unite a team and create an atmosphere that will surpass any future boundaries! Let's have a look at all you can take with you!

Sports and business are usually two different topics, and it is rare to see them in the same context. But since sports are beneficial for the physical life, then sports & business are the perfect secrets for a healthy business and team spirit!

Benefit #1: Boost Personal Relationships

Work colleagues that share personal life, or at least a bit, are demonstrated to be more productive and enjoy more their workplace.

The rise of home office, remote working... brought many benefits, but as well some counter benefits. For example, less time spends with work colleagues sharing about their private lives.

Even if employees work from 9 to 5 in the same space/office, outdoor activities as a team can boost productivity, and improve enthusiasm and mood in the company.

Since the average adult spends almost a quarter of his life working, creating the proper environment is crucial. And for that working with people you not just know but as well share something, is part of the secret!

Benefit #2: Drive Positive Competition / Challenges

Another great benefit is that practising sports together can drive positive competition among the employees in the company. For an hour or a couple of them, there are no hierarchies, for example, boss vs. employee, but rather everyone can play and work together at the same level.

And even more, sports that require cooperation, can be an extra added value to the teambuilding strategy. For example AcroYoga, all members participating need to work/play correctly in order to achieve success, there is no space for solo roles or heroes.

Benefit #3: Create Community & Make It Fun

An hour shared doing what you enjoy, can create more bonds than hundred of hours shared working on a project, etc. Getting to know the work colleagues while practising sports, can increase the levels of trust, and therefore create more collaboration as well in the workplace.

A community can be fostered as well, even more in sports like AcroYoga, where everyone needs to collaborate in order to achieve a common goal. During these activities, they will see work colleagues from a totally different perspective, which they may not see usually at work. Therefore, expanding the view of their work community.

Besides, not only the physical and mental health of the employees will improve, but as well they will enjoy the process!

Benefit #4: Invest In Your Employees

Humans are the most important asset on a company's balance sheet. But surprisingly many companies tend to forget that they invest tonnes of money in factories, products, I+D, etc. but not so much in the wellbeing of their employees.

Yoga is proven to be one of the best physical activities to improve and maintain a healthy, balanced body & mind during the whole life of a human. Therefore, taking care of your body and mind, surrounded by people you work with, can be a memorable experience.

Either on a regular basis, like weekly yoga morning classes before lunch breaks. Or as well, a business trip to a warm place, like Sitges or Barcelona, can be an amazing combination of working, meetings and free time activities, such as a morning sunrise yoga class on the beach.


This is how we can help you to improve your team spirit with team-building activities!

We would love to meet you and your team, to create a better community within your department or company. How?

  • Beach Sunrise Yoga Class experience in Sitges (Barcelona)

  • AcroYoga workshop for Beginners

  • Yoga, Surf & AcroYoga 4 Days Immersion in Spain

  • Regular online yoga classes exclusively for your team

Let us know in the comments if you have experienced already a team-building activity, if yes, what did you do? What did you like the most?

Contact us for a more personalised team-building workshop!

We can't wait to hear from you!

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