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Sun Salute B

Updated: May 18, 2019

In our previous post we talked about our recommendations and benefits for Sun Salute A, including a video with the detailed sequencing and instructions. So our next post had to be about the sibling of Sun Salute A, the Sun Salute B. They are practiced very often together, starting with Sun Salute A and then followed by Sun Salute B and used in many yoga sequences: Ashtanga primary series sequence, arm balancing yoga sequences, core yoga sequences, yoga sequences with focus on hamstrings… and of course we use both of them in almost all of our Yoga and even Acroyoga classes in Barcelona beach.

Unlike in S Salute A, where there are 12 steps, Sun Salute B has 19 steps, adding to the sequence the Chair and Warrior I poses. So in the Sun Salute B with have a total of 6 poses. Our recommendation like with Sun Salute A, is to perform this sequence after waking up and as the pose name says to say good morning to a new day and if possible with the energy of the sun on our body while we practice it. This is why we love to teach Sun Salutes on our Sunrise Yoga classes on the beach and start the class as the sun rises over the Mediterranean Sea in Barcelona.

Usually Sun Salutes are practiced in a set of 5 or 3 series, which mean 5 to 3 times Sun Salute A followed by the same number of Sun Salute B. Depending of the class the Sun Salute could have some modifications or extra poses in between the series.

For your home self-practice we encouraged you to start the day with a series of Sun Salute combining A and B. As always constancy and discipline is the key to the mastery of our body. It is better to do every day at least one of each Sun Salutes, than skipping some days the practice. And for sure there will be days where you will do a whole 5+5 series of Sun Salutes. Feel free to practice them whenever you can, Sun Salute can be as well amazing in the afternoon or at night, during a more relaxing class.



The benefits of Sun Salute B are very similar to the Sun Salute A, which me mentioned in our previous post, f.i. enhance elasticity, release stomach pressure, improve blood circulation and heart health, etc. Additionally the two extra poses added to the sequence (Chair and Warrior I poses) have extra benefits for our body:

  • increase legs strengthening,

  • opens the hips and chest,

  • stretches the arms and legs.

At the end of the practice the Sun Salutes have benefits on many parts of the human anatomy corresponding to the following muscles the following muscles: arms, shoulders, lower back, biceps, triceps, core, hamstrings, chest, hips, knees, neck and psoas. A full set of muscles! This is why Sun Salutes are included in almost every yoga class, they prepare almost all our body for the practice.



1. Mountain Pose 2. Chair Pose 3. Standing Forward Bend 4. Half Standing Forward Bend 4. Plank 5. Four-Limbed Staff 6. Upward-Facing Dog 7. Warrior I (right leg) 8. Plank 9. Four-Limbed Staff 10. Upward-Facing Dog 11. Downward-Facing Dog 12. Warrior I (left leg) 13. Plank 14. Four-Limbed Staff 15. Upward-Facing Dog 16. Downward-Facing Dog 17. Half Standing Forward Bend 18. Standing Forward Bend 19. Chair Poser 20. Mountain Pose



We start in mountain pose, legs and feet together

Hands out to your side

Bend your knees and with your fingertips try to touch the mat

Inhale reach your arms out and up, chair pose

Exhale bend over, hands are coming down

Inhale look to the front with a flat back

With your exhale step back into your plank

Bend your elbows close to the chest

Inhale into your updog

Squeeze your shoulders, look up

Exhale back to your downdog

Right leg steps inbetween your hands, back heel down

Inhale reach your arm our and up, palms touch, Warrior I

Make sure that your heel and knee are in same line

Exhale are coming down, step back into your plank

Lower down halfway, inhale into your updog, knees off the ground

Exhale push your hips up and back into your downdog

Left leg steps forward inbetween your hands

Inhale reach your arms out and up, Warrior I

With your exhale your arms are coming down, step back into your plank

Bend your elbows, inhale updog, knees off the floor

With your exhale, come back to your downdog

Take 5 in- and exhalations here, in and out throuh the nose

Make sure your pressing hands firmly into the mat

Lifting your tailbow up and back

Inhale bend your knees, look to the front, step inbetween your hands witha flat back

Exhale bend, bend your knees and reach your hand out and up

Coming back into chair pose, slightly look up

With your exhale release into mountain pose

Modifications: if you want more intensity in the sun salutes, you can add a push up after every one, so that you do two push ups each time!

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