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Strong Core (video tutorial) with YogaEmotion

Without a strong core, any yoga and acroyoga pose can fall apart from the inside out and become a danger for your practices. In our yoga classes and workshops, we like to focus and dedicate some part of the class to build back and abs strength. And if you have been in one of our retreats or acroyoga events, you know that both as a base and flyer your core is controlling the whole stability of the poses. Enjoy following poses and add them to your daily training, and if you have some doubts or questions we are always happy to read them in the comments down below or talk about them together in Cascais (Portugal).

What are the benefits of a strong core?

  • reduce lower back pain

  • improve posture and body stability

  • firmer and nicer waistline

  • improve performance in almost every sport

  • even stand taller

  • enhance flexibility

  • run faster

  • daily tasks easier done

  • ...

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