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How to get to Portugal (Lisbon & Cascais)

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Whether you are for a yoga and acroyoga class or you stay with us longer for some days in one of our retreats, probably you are asking yourself how to get, first to Portugal and then to Lisbon and Cascais (where our yoga retreat and most of our yoga and acroyoga classes and workshops are located).

First of all, how to get to Portugal and concretely near Lisbon area. Unless you are coming from a neighboorhood country, like Spain or even Morocco, that train, bus, boat... could be an option, your best way to reach Portugal is by plane, arriving to one of the three main international airports in the Portuguese Iberian Peninsula:

  • Lisbon Portela Airport (6km. from Lisbon and 38 km. from Cascais): your best option to get to Portugal and to us. Lisbon Airport is the most important in Portugal, with connections worldwide including many destinations in Europe and others in America.

  • Porto Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (360km. from Lisbon/Cascais): if you spend some days in Porto the best way to get to us would be by train (aprox. 3 hours & 30 euros) or bus (aprox. 4 hours & 20 euros).

  • Faro Airport (300km. from Lisbon/Cascais): your third option could be to enjoy the beautiful nature and beaches from Algarve, in this case, your best option with public transportation would be different depending in which area of Algarve you are. In case you are near Faro, the best option is the train, the fastest one can get you to Lisbon in almost 4 hours for aprox. 25-30 euros.

For train tickets, check the following website (Comboios e Portugal). Usually, seats are designated in advance and they are limited, so try to book in advance, because you may even get a considerable discount on your fare.

In general, there are four different types of buses: "alta qualidade" (deluxe option), "carreiras" (slow and stopping almost everywhere!), "expressos" (comfortable and best option for long distances), "rápidas" (quick regional buses). There are usually no problems with booking the day before or day in advance. Biggest national wide companies are Rede Expressos, Rodonorte and Eva Transportes.

Another alternative to get to Lisbon or Cascais from Algarve and Porto would be the regional flights between these cities. For example between Porto and Lisbon, you can find more than 10 daily flights. This option, of course, is more expensive, but as well faster. In this case, the Portuguese airline TAP, would be your best option.

The most favourite option chosen by tourist is the rent a car. Portugal has several rent a car companies operating through all the country. From the more international ones (Europcar, AVIS, Budget...), low cost (OK rent a car...) and national ones (Ilha Verde, Insular Car...). This option will give you the possibility to move totally free around the country and visit more places not so easy to access with other transport methods, as for example remote and virgin beaches. AutoEurope is one of the best rent a car online market place to check your best preference:

Last but not least, car sharing is a trend as well in Portugal as many other countries in the world. Here we have two options: if you want to share the ride, that means you get a ride with someone, the best option would be BlaBlaCar or if you prefer to get the car, that means a rent a car from a private person, then go for CarAmigo.


We wish you the best time in Portugal and around! If you have doubts how to get to our retreat or yoga & acroyoga classes in Cascais and Lisbon, do not hesitate to contact us per email or call and we can go through your personalised travel plan to reach us!

We hope to fly one day together!

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