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Best beaches out of Lisbon & Cascais area

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

If you have the time and correct transportation, we recommend you to visit some of the most amazing beaches we have very near to our retreat in Cascais, where we have as well our yoga and acroyoga classes on the beach. They are reachable in less than one day, so perfect for a day trip during your stay in our retreat or after a yoga class with us. Enjoy them!

All the beaches listed below are best reachable by car, there are other ways to reach them, like for example buses, trains, etc. but the timings referred in the different beaches is the time needed by car from our yoga retreat in Cascais old town to the destination. Take into account that there are many toll highways in Portugal, so some of these ways may have an extra charge to drive there, they are pretty easy to use as you just need to take a ticket or directly pay on the counters before you enter in the highway.

For beaches inbetween Lisbon and Cascais, or very easy reachable by public transport, please check our post: "best beaches between Lisbon & Cascais".

“If there is a heaven, I am sure it has a beach attached to it" - Jimmy Buffet

Following map is designed to give you an overview of where to locate our yoga retreat based in Cascais and the distance to the beaches and Lisbon city centre. IT is a Google maps so feel free to use it as you best convenience.

Beaches out of Cascais (YogaEmotion & Yogitos retreats) and Lison area

The Portuguese word for beach is "Praia". Following beaches are sorted by the distance in kilometres by car from our yoga retreat.

  • Costa da Caparica (aprox. 35 min.): in the other side of the river Tejo, you need to cross over the bridge "Ponte 25 de Abril" and after some minutes you will find a 30 kilometres white sand long beaches area, with almost no urbanisation. In the nearest part to Lisbon, you will find surf schools. the souther you go the fewer houses you will find. Perfect for: escaping from the city and having a beach almost for yourself.

Costa da Caparica
  • Peniche (aprox. 15 min.): not very far from Cascais, these nature beaches are the western area of Lisbon county. Be ready for the wind, since it is one of the locations with more windy days per year. If you need an escape from the wind you will find very good seafood and fish restaurants along the way. You will find as well along the road some sand dunes. Perfect for: kyte surf or enjoying seafood with sea views.

Praia do Guincho
  • Ericeira area (aprox. 45 min.): this is THE surf town! Feel like a surfer when you are there, do not look weird when you see people walking barefoot and with a surfboard through the town, hotels, restaurants... Good beaches: Praia dos Pescadores (old town beach), Praia do Matadouro (surf schools), Praia do Sul (good views and walking paths). The old town fishing village is as well a worth to visit town. Perfect for: live the surf culture!

  • Praia do Tamariz (aprox. 85 min.): another of the surf spots, there you will find lots of long sandy white beaches perfect as well for surfing, from beginners to more advanced. Praia do Baleal do Norte is one of our favourite spots, with some bars on the beach very good for a hot tea or cold drink after a surfing day. Perfect for: if you have the time visit the Berlanga island, just a few minutes from Peniche by boat.

  • Praia das Azenhas do Mar (aprox. 40 min.): more than a beach, this is a postcard picture worth it! Probably you have seen it already in some tourist guides, it is a very good place for taking pictures and enjoy a small village literally on the cliff and with a swimming pool on the sea. Perfect for: if you are a photographer this is the place for some good pictures!

Praia das Azenhas do Mar
  • Setúbal (aprox. 55 min.): Setubal area is covered with natural unique places. One one side you have the natural reserve of "Estuário do Sado" and on the other side in the Atlantic sea, you have white long sand beaches next to green vegetation, giving a caribic aspect. Worth beaches to visit are: Praia da Figuerinha Praia do Portinho da Arrábida and Sesimbra beaches. Perfect for: a day trip into the nature of this amazing natural parc.


We wish you the best beach experience in this amazing nature places around Lisbon and Cascais! And hope to see you in one of our retreats or yoga / acroyoga clasess, so that we can share other many beautiful places in this amazing country!

Enjoy your time at the beach and in Portugal!

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