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AcroYoga Beach Retreat in Sitges, Barcelona / Spain (2022) Morocco Edition

Updated: May 16, 2022

There are many quotes and old lessons talking about the power of spontaneity. And this is what happened just some days ago in our AcroYoga & Yoga Home in Sitges, Spain. A spontaneous booking for a group of four amazing souls, made the first days of May as one of the best retreats we had till now. How was that possible? Let's go through it, but first of all: thank you Morocco Acro Family!

The best things in life are spontaneous, because then you forget to think as an adult, and you are aloud to be a kid again! YogaEmotion & Yogitos


We just finished our third retreat in April and we planned to take a rest till the end of May, for further students and fun days of AcroYoga. But then we got a special inquiry. Amina a Moroccan yoga teacher, besides many other things, wanted yes or yes to learn AcroYoga and she did not stop until having three more persons to join our retreat. At the beginning, we were not sure to do it, since Sergio was arriving on the same day that the retreat should start. But after a call and many messages with Amina, we had already the intuition that this retreat had to happen.

Everything based on spontaneous decisions and communication that made us spend five of the best days of the year till now.


Amina was able to convince three more students in just a few days to be spontaneous and join her the AcroYoga retreat near Barcelona. Dina and Zakaria are students of Amina in the OM Yoga studio in Casablanca. Anass is an old friend of Amina that surprisingly was driving from Paris to Casablanca during the retreat days, so Sitges was a perfect stop to rest, meet other people and learn something new.

The funny story is that besides Amina, none of them know each other really. Only Dina and Zakaria met at the yoga studio, but no more than that. And this made the acroyoga retreat even a more wonderful experience!

Congratulations to: Amina, Anass, Dina, Zakaria!


For 5 days these four beautiful souls gave the best of them! They were so motivated, that even the first evening they did by themselves a 1,5 hour yoga class in our garden near the swimming pool.

From the first night we already felt the good energy and knew already that the combination of 4 Moroccans, 1 Spanish guy and 1 Croatian lady (well 1 more if we count the baby) was going to be the driver for having some "Museums Days".

And they did really great, they did everything from flying to basing, they did not wanted to miss any experience. By the way they are all super tall, more or less on Sergio's size, but they promised us that not all Moroccan are like this) . And we were so much into the workshops, that we even had one that lasted for almost three hours.

AcroYoga Beach Retreat in Sitges, Barcelona / Spain (2022) Morocco Edition
Amina basing Zakaria


It was the first time that we have students coming from Morocco, and we can just say that we want more of them! It was surprisingly positive how much we had in common with our neighbours, and even though from an external point of view we may have a different culture, history, background... the connection within all of us was fast and fulfilling.

Of course we can not forget everything we learnt from each other, not just at a personal level or even life lessons, but as well, even we discovered that Sitges is full of trees that have very tasty berries (Mulberry):

AcroYoga Beach Retreat in Sitges, Barcelona / Spain (2022) Morocco Edition
Mullberry Tree

Another thing we learnt, is that Moroccan people eat a lot! And when we say a lot, we mean a lot! We have just one more student that eats as much as them and she comes originally from Germany! Luckily Sergio enjoys to cook and we had delicious meals, as well as one Spanish paella experience.


To sum up we can just say thank you! Thank you for five fun days, full of interest in what we love to do: AcroYoga!

Thank you to each of you for:

  • Zakaria: we still remember your laughs and joy when basing! Keep this attitude please.

  • Dina: gracias for your smile and gestures that meant much more than 1.000 words, thank you for your openness and the way you treat us.

  • Anass: we are still amazed of your energy, you drove from Paris to Sitges, then 5 days full training and then you drove to Casablanca in one day!

  • Amina: last but not least, thank you from all of us because without you we would have not done the retreat! Thank you for your leadership, energy, motivation...

AcroYoga Beach Retreat in Sitges, Barcelona / Spain (2022) Morocco Edition
Meditation after our hike

Do you want to know more about what our students think about our Yoga & AcroYoga workshops & retreats? Click the following link to know from one of our students how they experienced the class!

We are here waiting to meet you (maybe again) and just have some nice and fun days together in Sitges!

AcroYoga Beach Retreat in Sitges, Barcelona / Spain (2022) Morocco Edition
See you soon in Sitges or Morocco

If you want to check our next retreats this summer in Sitges, do not miss the following link:

See you on the mat of Sitges beach for some flights!

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