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Absolutely wrong Yoga?

Did you ever got into the conversation what Yoga is, or is not, what it is supposed to be, how wrong that type of yoga is, or how great this style of Yoga is? Did you?

The other day I red an Article about what yoga is and is not what its supposed to be and what not.

It is true that a lot of us get attracted by yoga because of how nice all this woman and men, look like on the internet about how flexible and fit everyone is….

And maybe our first experience is not as fancy as we thought or maybe better as we thought. Lot of people come to yoga because they want to do some stretching or get in shape for summer, but those who have practice yoga for a longer period know that it makes you feel "that very certain way" it makes you feel good it leaves you stressless and forget for this hour what your tasks were today or how much work is waiting for you afterwards or maybe it is the only time of the day or week or even month that you have for yourself.

I believe there is no absolutely right nor an absolutely wrong yoga is your practice, is your body, is your journey!

Yes yoga is becoming very popular through Facebook, Instagram and where ever we post all our good looking pictures. It's sure not just one pose nor a fancy looking picture, but why do we all post all this fancy acrobatics picture? Do we want to be cool? Do we want to show off? Maybe? But I don't know!

What if.. What if we just want to show how awesome it is and how wonderful it makes us feel like? What if we love it so much that we only want to show others how fantastic it really is? And the only way to do so is by posting this awesome looking pose, this badass handstand, or you, sitting all peaceful on a rock and “meditating"?

Let yoga be your way not a goal, let the pose be a symbol of how you feel not just a good looking pose

Let it be the way, your journey, your time with yourself, your treat for your soul, your peace in your busy life. Let it be what it is for you! And what YOU make out of it!

But even more important, don’t let this sexy good looking pictures scare you away, don’t try to be this person on the picture! Try to be you, try to start loving your body without the need to compare yourself to anyone else! You also wouldn’t compare apples with grapes would you? So why do we have to compare our body with someone else’s body?

You are unique and so is your body, your way, your practice!

Let Yoga transform you and lead you to a place that makes you feel free and special, special in your very own and unique way!

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