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Base pose

Flyer pose



About the Pose

A big takeaway from Acroyoga is trust and confidence! In this pose, you will practice the confidence n your partner more than in any previous beginner pose. Let’s do it!

Follow safely the instructions of the video and have fun:
❌ Don’t assume! Squeeze to signalize which side are you realizing,  release the weight/leg and engage = most of the AcroYoga poses are active ones!
❌ No communication, no contact, no engagement! Tell your partner what your next steps are, and use any possible contact to get a  better understanding and engage! Communicate in any form you can with your partner.
✅ Even better than touching, is sliding! In this case, the base can tap with the feet onto the flyer’s back to know exactly where you both are heading together, with care and control you can mark your way up to the shoulder blades of your flyer.
Shortcut:  flyer stand up on the sides of the base’s head. Base grab the flyer’s ankles and look with your feet for the shoulder blade of the flyer and only when you have some weight on your legs, start pushing up with your arms and legs.
✅🔚 Base arms in line with the flyer’s knees, and shift some weight onto the base’s arms. Base once you will confident, look back for the “thought” of the flyer. Flyer use all your abs to come back to Throne (click here).

About the Courses

AcroYoga is an amazing way of combining sports (strength, flexibility, balance, mobility) with fun and networking with others, maybe partners, best friends or even a new one!

If something is awake within you as you show pics and videos of AcroYoga, do not be afraid and just try! We have plenty of materials on our website, Youtube and as well Instagram.

Feel free to reach us via email or just direct message on Instagram, we are more than happy to answer your doubts and give you some recommendations to start or continue your journey into AcroYoga and Yoga:

Instagram: @yogitos.zs

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