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Folded Leaf

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Base pose

Flyer pose


Forward Fold

About the Pose

Let’s go into another dimension, in this case, the flyer will mostly work passively while the base will actively help the flyer to stretch.

✅ Folded Leaf: basic pose not only for therapeutic flying but as well to many other transitions. For today, the base will shift the feet to the outside, just below the flyers’ hipbone. With care and control base will help the flyer to bend over till pointing with the head to the base’s head. The flyer only needs to press down with the legs in order to remain fixed.

❌ Besides the pressing down of the legs, the flyer should not do any other engagement. As a base make sure that this is happening and take the flyer’s elbow to check if the flyer is relaxed in the upper body.

About the Courses

AcroYoga is an amazing way of combining sports (strength, flexibility, balance, mobility) with fun and networking with others, maybe partners, best friends or even a new one!

If something is awake within you as you show pics and videos of AcroYoga, do not be afraid and just try! We have plenty of materials on our website, Youtube and as well Instagram.

Feel free to reach us via email or just direct message on Instagram, we are more than happy to answer your doubts and give you some recommendations to start or continue your journey into AcroYoga and Yoga:

Instagram: @yogitos.zs

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