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AcroYoga & Beach Fun
Beginners AcroYoga Level I & Yoga Retreat
in Sitges Spain 

We love what we do, therefore we give to every student a piece of our hearts!

We love small and semi-private retreats so that we can get to know you in a real way! Therefore, expect: connection, touching words, friendship, meditations, a mind-blowing hike, etc.

In this retreat we don't only offer you AcroYoga and delicious meals but a 5-day experience in our home and life in Sitges Spain.

Always wanted to try AcroYoga but maybe you were too scared to try because you have no background in yoga or acrobatics?

80% of our students have never tried AcroYoga before! And trust us: until now everyone survived! You will learn more than 25 AcroYoga poses in less than five days with us. But our ultimate goal is that when you are back home, that you are able to train with friends and/or partner with a stable routine and flow.

Or maybe you wanted to try AcroYoga but didn’t have someone to try it with?

We are 2 teachers for 4 students, which means you will have almost private teaching and at least always one teacher with you. Besides that, our retreats are prepared to be adapted to your needs and learning wishes. 

Or maybe you have already some basics but would like to improve your skills?

Before your booking we make sure to know your level and what would be the best retreat for you, so that you can train and learn with other students at your level.


Well, guess what? You are not alone!

On this retreat, there is no prior knowledge or partner required. This retreat is your way to build confidence, self-trust, and get more fit and flexible while playing with like-minded people. You will bring the yoga poses from the ground up into the air or better said onto your feet!

Here you will find some impressions in this video, of the Retreat:



Ready to have some AcroYoga fun on the Beach? And don´t forget to pack your beachwear!


Why this Retreat?

  • 100% Beginner friendly

  • Max 4 students 

  • Semi - Private retreat (2 students per teacher)

  • 6 workshops & more than 25 poses

  • Get Fit & Flexible

  • Improve your health

  • Relax, enjoy the beach & get tanned ;)

  • Build confidence & trust 

  • Get stronger (mentally & physically)

  • Maker new friends

  • Connect on a different level

  • Learn more than only nice AcroYoga poses

  • Daily fresh food & homemade peanut butter