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Healhty Back (video tutorial) with YogaEmotion

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Among the top reasons why students come to our yoga classes is back pain or issues. The yoga poses performed in the right way can help not only to reduce back pain but as well to create a healthier spine. If you have been in one of our retreats or acroyoga classes, you know that a solid and flexible back is the key to successful practice. Like many things in life, building a healthy back is not task of a couple of days, if required continuous training and adapting some daily habits, but at least if you follow and practice these poses you will be a step forward towards a healthier back.

What are the benefits of a detox routine?

  • stronger and more flexible spine

  • reduce back pain

  • reduce osteoporosis

  • stretches shoulders

  • stronger arms and wrists

  • reduce insomnia

  • lower blood pressure

  • ...

We hope you liked the video post and we are happy to read your comments and feedback down below.

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