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30 Days into Yoga

Live course with great health benefits

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Live Course


  • Great health benefits

  • You decide the pace

  • Be part of a community

  • Personalized teaching

  • Direct connection to Zlata


  • Daily lessons x 30 times

  • Q&As sessions with Zlata

  • Answers to all your questions

  • Incredible & supportive community

  • 100% guaranteed results


  • YouTube videos

  • Private Facebook group community

  • Access to all Sessions (even after the course)


  • Access to Youtube (free)

  • Email & Facebook account

  • 15-30 minutes per day

  • Yoga Mat

  • No prior knowledge

  • Willing to learn & enjoy!

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What does the 30 Days into Yoga live course look like?

Chat with your community
Chat with your community
Directly on your phone

About me


I’m a certified Vinyasa, Trapeze and Acro Yoga Instructor originally from Croatia. I started doing yoga a few years ago after a wrist injury – I thought some light stretching would help. Needless to say, after my first class I realized yoga isn’t just stretching. Over time, my body started to change and suddenly I was able to do poses that in my first class, I thought to be impossible. I also noticed how my back pain disappeared. I loved the way I felt after every class and was determined to share that feeling with others in my own yoga classes. And here I am! A few years and teaching qualifications later, I now host retreats in Spain, worked at one of the leading yoga studios in Barcelona, had the experience of being a trainee teacher for teacher trainings and lead yoga classes at festivals in many different countries. I also built a business teaching beach yoga classes in Sitges Barcelona.

My passion is definitely getting people into yoga and helping them with their first steps.


  • Is this course made for all levels? Even if I am a beginner?
    Yes, this course is made for everyone that wants to start or improve their yoga knowledge. If you are a newbie or a beginner, this is your place to start! If you have already joined yoga classes as well, join us! You will find for sure new learnings.
  • What can I expect after 30 days?
    Our wish and aim of this online course, is to give people a new habit, a very worth it skill. One that you can use whenever you need in your daily life, to feel less stressed and calm your body and mind. Besides that, after practising after 30 days, you will have not only your body in much better conditions, but as well your mind, energy and mood. Of course, this is just the beginning. After 30 days, yoga will be a habit in your daily life and we hope you continue this amazing journey!
  • What if I do not have or do not like to have Facebook or Youtube accounts? Why these channels?
    We perfectly understand it! For Facebook you can just create a private account with a pseudonym and use it just for the community of 30 Days into Yoga. For YouTube you will not need to register, just go through the links. We choose these channels, because most of you have already access in your laptops, tablets and even smartphones. This way you do not need a new additional user and platform to join the 30 Days into Yoga.
  • At what time can I join the lessons? And the Q&As live sessions?
    You will get a daily email with the lessons for this day. There you will have a link to the videos, which you can access whenever you prefer. AL thought we recommend you to keep this habit of doing it daily. The Q&As live sessions are so planned that we can reach each time students from different time zones. Anyway, we will send you after the lives session, the results of the Q&As sessions.
  • Do I need special equipment or setting?
    The course is prepared to make your life easier. For the beginning the only thing you need is a yoga mat, but even a big towel will work. And a place (e.g. a room) where you have space for the mat, and you can be there without distortions. During the course we will explain you more about yoga equipment.
  • What happens after the 30 Days into Yoga?
    A new skill will be part of your life. A skill that can improve your health and daily energy! Besides that, you will still have access to the community of other Enlighted students, where you can share improvements and questions. And we will participate there with different great things! Finally, stay connected to our channels and newsletters. Since we will be broadcasting live classes, 1-on-1 lessons and all our offline activities, as our yoga & acroyoga retreats in Cascais (Portugal). Your Yoga path does not finish after 30 days, we hope it remains in your life for years!
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