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Sun Salute A

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Sun Salutations are the basis for all vinyasa yoga style classes. We like to use it at the beginning of all our classes on the beach in Barcelona. From Sunrise YogaEmotion to Acroyoga classes, a set of some Sun Salute A and B (next post) are always a very good start to warm up the body and prepare the mind for the practice.

Traditionally Sun Salutations or Surya Namaskar are performed in the morning to greet the new day. This sequence of postures can be a complete practice in itself or can prepare you for a longer asana routine.

Our recommendation is to start your day with a set of Sun Salutes. Even if you just do one or two, it is a perfect practice right after waking up in the morning and going out of home to start your everyday's life.

Most of us we are around 7 to 9 hours sleeping in our bed, very comfortable so that our body feels completely relaxed and then we jump out of bed and go out without preparing our body for the day. As we brush our teeth, drink a coffee to wake up our brain, etc. we should get our body ready to move during the day by doing some small exercises. And San Salutes are the perfect combination of movements to get all your body ready.

Sun Salutes are often performed in sets of five, but if you are new to the practice, it's wise to begin with two or three. Each time you flow through this sequence, synchronize your breath with the movements of your body. In the upper right corner of the video you will see when to inhale and exhale.



Sun Salute A has many benefits for the body and the mind, as there are 5 yoga poses sequenced together. Each one with a different effect, in other posts will be cover for each pose the proper benefit. But in general some of the most important benefits from Sun Salutations are:

  • enhance elasticity

  • optimal for lower lung diaphragmatic breathing

  • release stomach pressure

  • tones muscles

  • improve blood circulation and heart health

  • weight loss

  • increase awareness and energy levels

  • brings more emotional stability

  • improves skin glow

  • ...



1. Mountain Pose 2. Standing Forward Bend 3. Half Standing Forward Bend 4. Plank 5. Four-Limbed Staff 6. Upward-Facing Dog 7. Downward-Facing Dog 8. Half Standing Forward Bend 9. Standing Forward Bend 10. Mountain Pose



Starting in mountain pose (standing) legs and feet together

Inhale, reach your arms out and up, palm touch and gaze follows

Exhale, bend down, hands to your mat

Inhale, gaze to the front, flat back

(If your hands come off the ground place them on your shins)

Exhale, hands down, step back, plank

Lower down, bend your elbows close to your chest

Inhale, roll over your toes into upward facing dog

(Squeeze your shoulders, knees off the ground)

Exhale, downward facing dog

(Legs hip width apart, shoulders away from your ears)

Ocean breathing: 5 inhalations + 5 exhalations

Hands pressing into the mat, tail bow lifting towards the sky and your heals towards your mat

Inhale, look to the front, bent your knees, step or hub in between your hands with a flat back

Exhale, bend over

Inhale, reach your arms out and up, palms touch, gaze follows

Exhale, release


Enjoy your Sun Salutates A! If you have any doubt or comment, please post down below! We will be happy to answer you!

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